February 23, 2006

Songs in Transit: An American Expedition

Melanie's debut CD, Songs in Transit, features an eclectic selection of songs that are not merely classical, but a hybrid mixture of styles which includes jazz, blues, musical theater, popular music, rock, hip-hop, electronic and world music.

Daddy Kool Records
Apple Music

About the album

Melanie Mitrano, soprano
Paul Moravec, piano

Track List

1) Why I Wear My Hair Long
2) Saying Goodbye
3) The Pocketbook
4) How to Get Heat Without Fire
5) The Hour
6) Money
7) Manners
8) Filling Station
9) Insomnia
10) Your Little Voice
11) Time for Tea
12) Bona Petite
13) Lullaby
14) Beauty Runs Faster
15) Truth
16) We Are Never Alone
17) I Could Call You Up
18) Main Street USA
19) New Year's Eve

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