January 8, 2016

Amorisms: Music of Paul Moravec

Amorisms is a ballet piece that can also be savored as absolute music; the Sacred Love Songs set familiar biblical texts and the well-known “Prayer of St. Francis.”

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About the album

Portara Ensemble
ALIAS Chamber Ensemble

Track Listing

1) Amorisms: I. Love Is a Spirit
2) Amorisms: II. How Quick and Fresh
3) Amorisms: III. The Course of True Love
4) Amorisms: IV. Sweet Lovers
5) Amorisms: V. When Love Speaks
6) Tempest Fantasy: I. Ariel
7) Tempest Fantasy: II. Prospero
8) Tempest Fantasy: III. Caliban
9) Tempest Fantasy: IV. Sweet Airs
10) Tempest Fantasy: V. Fantasia
11) Sacred Love Songs: I. Love Endures All Things
12) Sacred Love Songs: II. A Prayer of Saint Francis
13) Sacred Love Songs: III. Set Me as a Seal
14) Sacred Love Songs: IV. Interlude
15) Sacred Love Songs: V. Greater Love

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